Personal. Compassionate. Fearless.

Mansour Law, LLC, Is A Different Kind Of Law Firm

People who come to Mansour Law, LLC, are often in the most difficult situations that they have experienced. My clients are facing hostile workplaces every day or struggling to make ends meet after serious injuries, and I believe that they deserve to be able to trust their attorney to do more than file paperwork – they should be able to trust me to put their best interests before my own.

I am attorney William P. Mansour. Along with my team, I work every day to serve Pennsylvanians with personalized service based on my years of experience. Learn more about my history in personal injury and employment law as well as my team, below:

You Are My Focus

When you come into my office, you are the priority, and you have my full attention. I am here to listen to you and discuss your legal options. I honestly explain what the law means and how I can optimize your claim. You can trust me to be clear and answer your questions with patience.

Not only do I focus exclusively on personal injury law and employment law representation, but I also know what it feels like to stay in a hostile work environment because you need a paycheck, and my family has relied on personal injury claims after accidents to pay medical bills. I know what you are going through, and I promise that you will always get the quality representation you deserve.

It Is A Simple But Powerful Promise

I will not make more money from your claim than you do, and you will not get a bill from me. If, for some reason, my fees are more than your share of the settlement, I will split the difference. Call my office in Allentown at 610-936-6863.