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Is your résumé age-proofed?

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2023 | Employment Discrimination

Applying for a new job is nerve-racking enough on its own, so you don’t want your résumé working against you. 

While age discrimination is never legal, there are subtle ways HR departments can suss out a candidate’s likely age range simply by paying close attention to their submitted résumé. Below is some pertinent information that can help you foil any plan to uncover your true age before you wow them with your superior interview skills.

  • Don’t give information away – It is illegal for hiring managers to ask age or date of birth. Still, many applications still include this question. Skip it.
  • Don’t list graduation dates – If you earned your bachelor’s degree back in the 80s or 90s, listing the date gives away the fact that you’re an older applicant. Simply state that you are a graduate of your university or college without listing a date of enrollment or graduation.
  • Focus on achievements – Everyone knows the job duties associated with data entry, so rather than listing them, focus on how you revamped the office protocols to increase productivity using standing desks, etc.
  • Highlight activities that don’t peg you as older – Maybe you’re a runner or practice Krav Maga in your spare time. It’s better to list those types of leisure activities than crochet or woodworking, which could identify you as a sedentary older worker instead of an active, high-energy candidate.

There are many legitimate companies that will review your résumé and tweak it to present you in the best light possible to get the job of your dreams.

But even on the job, don’t let down your guard

Without becoming paranoid, be aware of any micro-aggressions toward you from co-workers, bosses or clients. If they continue, you could face age-related workplace discrimination and need to take legal steps to rectify the situation.