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Millennials, are you prepared for workplace age discrimination?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2023 | Employment Discrimination

They say 40 is the new 20, which may be true regarding your confidence, health and physical abilities. However, it could be just the opposite in your workplace as some employers continue to make youth a condition of employment, albeit covertly.

Millennials, known for being progressive and creative, are nearing an age where they may begin experiencing ageism in the workplace. Fortunately, you have every chance to prepare for this possibility and address it before it worsens.

Recognize age discrimination

When you enter your forties, watch for signs of age discrimination. Perhaps your boss reduces your hours for no real reason or shifts you to a less favorable position. Other possible indicators of ageism include exclusion from events or meetings, disparaging comments and unexplained loss of employment benefits.

Document your situation

Document what is happening in your workplace, even if you are unsure if you are experiencing discrimination. For example, keep a log or journal describing suspicious events, and remember to include the date and time. Save emails and other workplace correspondence, as they may help you prove your discrimination claim.

Protect your case

Avoid doing anything that could harm your age discrimination case. Continue performing your work duties to expectations and report mistreatment to an uninvolved superior or the human resources department. If possible, don’t quit your job, as staying could provide you with additional evidence (unfair reprimands or performance reviews, etc.) to prove your claim.

Know the law

Occupational age discrimination is unlawful in Pennsylvania and all other states. However, each region has its own laws and procedures for addressing workplace ageism. Speaking with someone can help you understand these laws and strengthen your case.