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Your Employer Has No Right To Discriminate Based On Religion

Your religion is none of your employer’s business, and the law protects your right to practice your faith free from discrimination and hostility. If your employer or co-workers are harassing you or discriminating against you because of your faith, you may have grounds for a legal case that both holds them accountable and provides for you financially.

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Religious Discrimination Comes In More Forms Than You May Think

Many people associate discrimination with hiring practices or the use of blatant slurs. In reality, discrimination presents itself in many different ways. For instance, an employer is discriminating if they:

  • Deny you space and time to pray
  • Refuse to make reasonable accommodations for your holidays or other practices, like those regarding the Sabbath
  • Require you to remove religious garb, such as headdresses, hijabs or yarmulkes
  • Pass you by for promotions due to your faith

Your employer is also responsible for making sure that your co-workers are respectful of your religion and your religious practices. This means that they are responsible for preventing workplace harassment and stopping hostile work environments.

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