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Your Boss Doesn’t Decide If You Can Use Medical Marijuana; Your Doctor Does.

More and more people across the state are experiencing the benefits of medical marijuana use. Unfortunately, the stigma still exists, and many employers wrongly believe that they have the right to fire an employee who tests positive for marijuana use, even if that use is completely legal and for medical purposes. You should not live in fear that your legitimate medical treatment is grounds for termination.

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Understanding The Ways Medical Marijuana Impacts The Workplace

Because medical marijuana use is legal, there are some things you should know about how it affects your job. First and foremost, your boss cannot fire you simply because you have a marijuana prescription; nor can they fire you if you test positive for marijuana use while you have a prescription.  There are limits, however. You may face workplace penalties if:

  • You test positive for drugs other than marijuana
  • You bring marijuana onto work property
  • You are high while working
  • You face serious marijuana-related criminal charges like drugged driving

If your employer is holding your status as a medical marijuana patient against you, this may violate your rights.

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