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Will Your Old Employer Interfere With Your New Job?

Modern business takes every advantage, including making employees sign restrictive covenants and noncompete agreements as part of their terms of employment. While this may seem like a technicality when you begin your employment, if you choose to change jobs, a noncompete can be a nightmare.

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When Restrictive Covenants And Noncompete Agreements Overstep

While many businesses have a legitimate interest in restricting who can walk away with proprietary information and trade secrets, they do not have the right to stop you from working. In fact, your old employer cannot use a noncompete agreement or restrictive covenant to:

  • Stop you from working with a competitor company indefinitely
  • Prevent you working in a region that does not impact the business
  • Impose an undue hardship on you and your ability to work

Most importantly, any restrictive covenant or noncompete agreement must comply with local, state and federal laws, which increasing frown on their use.

Exercise Your Rights To Work

As you move on to the next phase of your career, do so without the worry that your old employer will interfere. Your ability to work is one of my main priorities as an attorney. Email me or call my office in Allentown at 610-936-6863 to make the most of your work.