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3 types of distracted driving that everybody should know

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2022 | Personal Injury

What do you think of when someone mentions distracted driving? Maybe you think about the person who almost ran you over today because they were talking on their phone while driving. Perhaps you recall how your kids drove you to distraction on the long drive to your mom’s last Thanksgiving.

Many things can cause distraction. Some are inside the car, such as kids, pets and phones. Some are outside, such as head-turning pedestrians on the sidewalk or discount offers on a local billboard.

Distractions can affect you in three ways:

Most people don’t realize that distractions can come in multiple forms:

  1. Physical distractions: If you are holding something, be it a coffee mug or a phone, then it is physically distracting you because it requires one or both hands to hold it. The same applies to reaching to quieten your children. Both hands should be on the wheel to enable you to steer as well as possible.
  2. Visual distractions: The passerby that causes your head to swivel. Are your eyes focused on them or the rear end of the car in front that has suddenly braked?
  3. Mental distractions: What are you thinking about after you see the billboard advising that your local diner is offering free cherry pie with every main course? Are you thinking about what the motorcyclist behind you is doing? Or have you not even noticed them because your mind is on cherry pie?

Maybe you do none of these things and keep your full concentration on the road at all times. Yet it can be hard to do that, and many people fail miserably, allowing themselves to be distracted by anything and everything. If a distracted driver injures you, seek legal help to understand how to hold them responsible for your injuries.