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6 kinds of workplace discrimination you should recognize

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2023 | Employment Discrimination

Workers have numerous discrimination protection rights, which allow them to work efficiently while feeling safe – but discrimination can still happen at work. People often bring their biases with them into the workplace, and that negatively affects a lot of others.

With that in mind, here are six kinds of workplace discrimination you should know about and be able to spot:

1. Age

Many people are working well into their forties. However, older people may be looked at unfavorably when they’re applying for new jobs or have worked in the same department for an extended time. As a result, a worker over 40 may be discriminated against for their age and be passed over for younger workers.

2. Disability 

Discrimination can target someone’s physical or mental limitations. Some employers may be under the belief that people with disabilities can’t work as much as others or may not be able to provide the same work quality. Harassers may even target someone’s disability as a way to undermine them.

3. Sexual orientation

A person’s sexual orientation relates to their sexual attraction. Many people, unfortunately, may discriminate against someone’s sexual attraction. A person’s attraction doesn’t, however, affect how they work.

4. Religion

There are hundreds if not thousands of different religions in the U.S. It’s only logical that employers and employees don’t share the same religion. But, some religions clash and this can lead to resentment, anger and discrimination. 

5. Pregnancy

Workers who are pregnant have a right to receive reasonable accommodations. This may include short breaks, childbirth recovery and maternity leave. However, someone may be discriminated against because they are pregnant. This could happen, for example, if a worker isn’t properly accommodated for their condition.

6. Race and color

One of the longest-fought against forms of discrimination is a person’s color and race. People shouldn’t be discriminated against because of the color or race they’re born with. But, peoples’ rights are still being fought for because this kind of discrimination can still happen in workplaces.

There are many other kinds of discrimination that can happen. Some people may suffer from multiple kinds of discrimination. It may be wise to understand your legal rights if you’re fighting discrimination at your workplace.